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Summer SchoolInnovation & Entrepreneurship

Tuition fee €890 per programme

The program price consists of the course/tuition fee (student or working professional, see details below) plus the registration fee (€60).

Student course/tuition fee: €890
Working professional course/tuition fee: €1080

This course/tuition fee covers the course, course materials and a cultural program.

Registration fee €60 one-time

The registration fee is in addition to the course/tuition fee and covers the processing of your application. It is payable upon registration. Please note that the registration fee is non-refundable.

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Getting introduced to current major themes in innovation and entrepreneurship, including human -centered design and innovation ecosystems. This practical course will guide and accompany participants to create new valued products, services or experiences, from idea generation trough to business concept development and testing and pitching the developed business concept.

By the end of the course, students will have:

  • A good understanding of the human-centered design and innovation process to develop new products, services or experiences
  • The ability to systematically explore, create and modify business-driven ideas
  • The ability to validate assumptions and test prototypes
  • An understanding of the innovation and business creation ecosystem
  • The ability to transform new ideas into valuable solutions, considering their impact
  • Leadership, team building, and managerial creativity competencies to work in and lead interdisciplinary teams
  • The ability to present a concept in a pitch format

Apply now! Summer Term 3 2023
Application period has ended
Studies commence
14 Aug 2023
Apply now! Summer Term 3 2023
Application period has ended
Studies commence
14 Aug 2023