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Winter SchoolStartup Fundamentals

Tuition fee €2,090 per programme

The program price consists of the course/tuition fee (student or working professional, see details below) plus the registration fee (€60).

Student course/tuition fee: €2090
Working professional course/tuition fee: €2510

This course/tuition fee covers the course, course materials and a cultural program.

Registration fee €60 one-time

The registration fee is in addition to the course/tuition fee and covers the processing of your application. It is payable upon registration. Please note that the registration fee is non-refundable.

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Are you curious about startups and want to kick of 2024 with building your startup knowledge or venture?

Startup Winter School is a live, hands-on four week course taking place in Berlin – which allows you to immerse yourself into the Berlin startup scene to develop the startup mindset, and all necessary skills to launch a venture.

The program is a hands-on, project-based learning experience in which you will form an interdisciplinary team with participants from all over the world.
Over the course of four weeks, together you will identify a problem-worth solving, develop a human-centered business model, a MVP of your product or service, and ultimately pitch your idea.

Learning goals

You will learn
- to develop a human-centered startup mindset
- how to work in an interdesciplinary startup team
- who is a perfect match in a startup team
- how to avoid mistakes that lead to startup failure
- what problems are worth solving
- who is your customer and how you can help them
- how to design & build a product by exploring prototyping techniques
- how to develop a sustainable business model
- how to identify and validate customer problems and needs
- how to pitch your idea to an audience

- Learn „Design Thinking“ by doing and how it can help you to develop human-centered solutions
- Apply a Lean Startup mindset & methods to rigorously test your idea to launch your business fast and effectively
- Learn rapid prototyping techniques incl. No-Code & AI-Tools
- Practice agile methods in a startup context

Programme structure

Main course components

The whole program will be based on the Design Thinking process (as well as Lean Startup feedback loop)

Week 1: Starting your (ad)venture

  • Introduction to entrepreneurship (basics) and agile methodologies (Design Thinking, Lean Startup, etc.)
  • Startup team formation
  • Identify challenges around you

Week 2: Getting to know your customers

  • Going into the field: Interviewing potential users + customers
  • Identify a problem worth solving
  • Define a startup idea

Week 3: Building a meaningful solution

  • Create a prototype of your startup idea
  • Test your business idea

Week 4: Develop & pitch your idea

  • Develop a business model that works
  • Create your MVP
  • Pitch your solution

Apply now! Winter Term 1 2024
Application period has ended, but late applications can be submitted until the commence date
Studies commence
2 Jan 2024
Apply now! Winter Term 1 2024
Application period has ended, but late applications can be submitted until the commence date
Studies commence
2 Jan 2024